About Us

Beautiful Estes Park...

You made it to Estes Park, unforgettable and breathtaking at any time of the year! Gorgeous mountains, welcoming folks, picturesque shores of Lake Estes. You are here to fully enjoy and embrace every experience that this place has to offer and get carried away with your bride, your special date, celebrate a special event with your family, get together with friends or just have a weekend gateway! Local to Estes Park? Perfect, how lucky you are to live in this small paradise! 

Meet Sunrise Chefs

Chef Bipul is a founder, owner and executive chef of Sunrise Chefs. He and his team of creative and dedicated chefs are based in Estes Park, CO.  Originally from Nepal, Chef Bipul first learnt and observed chefs' craft from his family that owned a restaurant.  He was in and around restaurant business all his childhood. More importantly, since that time he inherited, absorbed, soaked in love to fresh and spicy food, was taken away by flavors, aromas of different herbs and tastes of fusion cuisines. After moving to the U.S he cooked and worked in many restaurants, with many great chefs and restaurant owners.  Think Traditional or Modern American,  Italian, Indian, Mediterranean, Nepalese cuisines.  Chef Bipul and his team have  experience in different cuisine concepts and take pride in their commitment to chef's craft. Very personable and professional, they create fresh and healthy recipes, use local ingredients and passionate to enable you to get the best out of your Estes Park time!

Take a culinary journey!

Whether you are in need of a personal chef to ensure that gourmet meals are prepared for you daily or several times a week; or you would like to hire a private chef for your special event at a vacation rental or memorable dinner at your house - relax and celebrate valuable time with your loved ones while we prepare hearty, savory, authentic meal for you to make your day brighter and very special. With any occasion, Sunrise Chef is committed to bring the best restaurant experience to your place serving any demand, fulfilling any time frames, pleasing any requests. As long as you have a kitchen where we can cook we promise unforgettable food adventure! Have some nice whiskey or wine, we can pair it for you and talk food all night! Enjoy mountains and people that are important for you. We will plan and customize your meal so you have time to appreciate your vacation or enjoy  precious free time to relax more! Vacationing somewhere else in Colorado? Not a problem, we can make special arrangements and cook for you everywhere you want!